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All about Cardstock texture

Hello Craft Family,

Something as simple as cardstock can sometimes be complicated. When I first got in this business I thought Cardstock is cardstock. But after working with cardstock for over 15 years I have discovered that there is a wide variety and lots to learn about paper. Take texture for example. You have smooth, Canvas, Orange Peel and many more. In this post I will go over some of the differences of cardstock textures. 

Take the below picture as an example. This is what is called a weave texture or also known as canvas. Different manufactures can call the same textures by a different name sometimes making it confusing for those of us looking for cardstock online. 

 Next up is washboard cardstock. It looks like it sounds. This cardstock has groves in it making it a fun texture to add to cards as well as bring interest to your paper piecings or other paper projects you have. 

This cardstock texture is know as the orange peel texture. It does look a lot like the outside of an orange but this texture is more subtle than the others I have listed in this blog.


Next is the smooth textured cardstock. This texture is best for cutting intricate cuts and high detail designs.  Electronic die cutting machine users often prefer this non-textured cardstock for this very reason. 

Lets not forget about one of my favorites our Criss Cross Texture. This one looks like someone put little "X's" through the entire sheet of cardstock. It is fun to use these different textures of cardstock on all projects. 

Grass Cloth Texture also know as FourZ is a texture that kind of looks like little blades of grass. I actually really like making my tree and grass cut outs out of this type of cardstock.

Bazzill Makes Swiss dot cardsotck. I love this cardstock as it is easy to make cute little boxes or other treat holders look cutesy with ease. This texture has raised dots all over the sheet making it feel bumpy when you run your hand over it.

 Next week we will talk about different weight or thickness of cardstock and what that means for your craft projects. Please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you. 


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