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Birthday Wine Shaker Card

Hello Craft Family,

Here is the first shaker card that I have designed. I used Cricut Design Space. The first thing I did was find the image I wanted. My husband loves wine so I found this wine bottle and it already had the rectangle cut out. All I had to do was create the backing so that I can put the beads in between the two pieces of cardstock. I copied my image in design space and then welded a rectangle over the opening in the wine bottle and that gave me the exact same shape of the wine bottle but with out the rectangle cut out. 


 I then cheated a little and used the plastic cover from my Cricut mat. You know the one that you are supposed to leave on your mats to keep it from getting dirty. Yeah that one. I cut it up and that became my window. I used foam tape in between my two cardstock sheets to give the beads room to move around. 


Shaker card ideas wine bottle


Then I embellished it with some images that I cut out and added the "Happy Birthday". I had so much fun with this project that I am adding new product to our store this month. I have decided to carry the foam tape and some really cute filler for the shaker cards. I can't wait to show you. If you have not signed up for our newsletter please do that here so you can be the first to know when these products get in stock. 

Card making idea for wine lovers

Lastly is the inside. I just put a cut of the wine bottle. I will stamp a saying in the inside too when I know who I will be giving the card to. 



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