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Bread Box Gift Box Spring Project

Hello Craft Family,

Today I want to share a little bit about this cute bread box of course but also about a project just not going the way I had hoped. 

First off this bread gift box is from 

They have a lot of great files and I discovered them very early on in the beginning of my paper crafting obsession. 

Lets talk about my mistakes on this project for a minute. So first if you are a crafter you understand that not every project comes off perfect. I am not really sure what went wrong but when I went to get the box to close it just would not. the file comes with a tab that you can tuck in the back to make it close buytmine just refused to. Now, it could have been I was off on matching up the sides of the box slightly but I am not really sure what went wrong. But I am here to tell you mistakes are not always a bad thing. Since I could not get it to close I decided to cut off the tabs. You can see the rough part by the bottom of the handles of where I cut. I left that this way so you could see it. I will be sanding it down to make it smooth. I really still wanted my box to be able to open and close so I came up with some ribbon to tie to the handle. This worked out perfect. So, what I am trying to say is even when a project does not go like you planned you can still try and find a different way to make it work. 

I hope this encourages you to keep on keeping on. 

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