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Crafting while camping?

It is that time of year for our family where we kick of our first camping trip. We go somewhere close for the first outing. The mountains still have way too much snow here in Idaho to go any further. My question for you is do you scrapbook or paper craft while you are camping?

I do sometimes and here are some fun tips.

Picking supplies. I can't take my entire scrapbook room with me because well my husband would have a fit. LOL So I like to take supplies I have not used in a long time and only take a little bit. 

Here is an example of what you can bring:

Pick one to two stamps sets and don't forget if you have clear stamps to bring a acrylic block too. 

Pick three colors of stamp pads - No cheating no more than three. 

Bring 10 to 15 sheets of cardstock with you. The challenge here will be to use up as much as you can of the sheets that you bring. This helps challenge us to use what we have in ways we would not normally. 

Pattern paper pick a few sheets that will go along with the stamp sets you chose.

Find some embellishments in your stash that you have not used in a while and then also bring a few of your favorites.  

Don't forget your adhesive! 


The second options which I have done as well is making up kits. Bring those along and all you will need is adhesive to put them together and any embellishments you would like to add. Having premade kits on hand is fun as I find that the kids and others like to join me when I bring out the project kits. This makes it easy for beginners that may be camping with you because everything is together and ready to create. 

Have fun and post what you come up with in the comments.

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