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Hot Cocoa Bar 3D SVG file gift box

Hello Craft Family,

Today I thought I would share with you how I go about making my 3D paper craft creations. 

The first thing I do is find the paper craft project that I want to put together. Don't laugh but sometimes this is my longest part of my crafting time. There are so many great SVG files out there that I have a hard time choosing sometimes. In this case I headed over to to choose my project.

Once I pick out what I want to work on the next part for me is choosing the paper colors and cut out the files with my Cricut Machine.

I lay them all out on my desk and then dry fit them. Dry fitting is when you don't glue the pieces down and place them where they go so you can see what your project will  look like before you commit to gluing and putting the project together. This is the time to make sure you really like the way the colors go together and do any embossing and or inking that you want to do on your pieces. 

Next I go to the instruction video to follow along. This is the fun part for me. Watching my pieces of cardstock transform into a gift for someone. Sometimes you look at a project and think oh my I could never put that together its too complicated. Don't worry because Simply Crafty SVGS has you covered. The assembly videos are so good, she walks you though each and every step.

Hint. Check to see how long the video's are and then add about 10 min or so. This is approx. how long it will take you to put together your project. There are times when I have more time then others so this really helps me gage if this is a project I can fit into how much craft time I have that day. In this case the project only took me about 30 min including cutting time with my Cricut Machine. 

What supplies did I use???

In the Hot Cocoa box project I used the following supplies

White cardstock for the box base and the shelf

Red cardstock for the cup and backing of the hot cocoa sign

Scrap piece of Christmas paper for the awning

Gold cardstock for the shadow of the Hot Cocoa sign and the trim around the window. 

Brown cardstock for the back of the 25 cent sign and the cocoa inside the cup. 

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