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Hello Craft Family,

I wanted to let you all know some exciting news. We are going to slowly start to get in a brand new line of cardstock. This line of card stock is called My Colors and is by My Minds eye. I have been talking with the owner of this cardstock to ask the hard questions. 


Why is your cardstock better? 
Here is the answer:

My Colors Cardstock is manufactured from high quality, virgin pulp. Virgin pulp is the key ingredient that results in producing paper with long fibers. Long fiber paper allows the crafter to score and fold the cardstock without worrying about cracking or ripping effects. If you are a die cutter, long fiber paper is optimum for nice, clean, even cuts.

What weights of cardstock are avaliable?

We produce 80 lb (216 GSM) and100 lb (270 GSM) finished sheets, ideal for all paper crafting because they are sturdy and firm allowing for all types of paper crafting activities.

What about color constancy?

My Colors Cardstock is core dyed allowing for optimal color throughout the paper. We use only Soy Dyes, which are 100% safe for the environment.

My Colors Cardstock's color productions are monitored for every color run, insuring a consistent color match from each dye lot. In other words, if your favorite color of cardstock is Midnight Blue, our Midnight Blue will be the same every time.

What textures do you carry?

  • Canvas Texture is 80 lb. (216gsm) that is embossed slightly to give it a natural canvas look.
  • Classic White is 80 lb. (216gsm) cardstock with a smooth finish
  • Heavyweight is 100 lb. (270gsm) cardstock with a smooth finish
  • Mini Dots is 80lb (216gsm) cardstock embossed with Mini Dots

We are excited for this new line of cardstock. Let me know what you think in the comments. 

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