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Orchid Box Birthday Card

Believe it or not besides the dollar store, purchased cards can be very expensive. I went to look for a card as I did not have an extra laying around and I was in a hurry as I turned over the card and looked at the price and I was shocked. $5.99 for a card that was not as special as a hand made card. So I put the card back on the shelf and the quest began to find a fast card to make for my Grandma instead. I jumped on my favorite SVG site and found this gem. This card was not only easy but it had the WOW factor. To compare prices for you between what I spent making this card to the store bought card I will share with you what I discovered.

I used one blue sheet of cardstock 8.5x11 for .25 - Mind you I have scraps left over from this.

I used scraps of pattern paper, white, Green and yellow cardstock. So lets say that was another whole sheet of equivalent to a 12x12 sheet of paper for .79 cents. Then you have to account for the glue, stamp and ink. Lets say that cost me another .25. So at the worst case scenario this card cost me. $1.29 to make and you won't find a card like this one in dollar tree. Just food for thought. 

 I did have to purchase the cut file but this is a file I will use over and over again. So even if I account the price of the cut file I am still under $3.00. 

Fun fact: This card folds flat to put into an envelope. 


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