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Pink Swatchbook - Coming soon

Our next release in our exclusive swatchbook launch is coming soon. We have a lot more pink cardstock then we do red so this one is taking longer than our first release but don't worry we will have it ready soon. 

Cardstock Swatchbook

These swatchbooks are a great tool to use with our website. When you are getting ready for a project you can match your color to the swatchbook then go online to place your order. Did you know we ship out the very next business day from when you place your order? Your orders are important to us and getting your product to you fast is part of our drive to give you the best customer service we can. 

We will be doing a swatchbook for each color family and then also a master swatchbook that will have all the colors. 

What happens when we get new colors or discontinued colors you ask? We want you to keep your cardstock swatch book up to date just as much as you do and we want to make it easy for you to do that. So periodically we will release a swatchbook update that will have the new cardstock colors for you as well as a list of any discontinued cardstock colors that you should remove from your swatchbook. This way your swatchbook will always be up to date with the latest and greatest colors. 

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  • The red swatchbook was great. Can’t WAIT for the pink!


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