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Rewards Program earn FREE products!

Scrapbook Reward Program 
We love our customers and we want to reward you for helping us grow our store and lets be real. Who does not want FREE product or free shipping. This is all you have to do. 
Step 2. An Icon with a present will show up in your bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click the Icon.
Step 3. Click on Join Now. 
Step 4. Start earning points by checking out the ways to earn section of the rewards. 
Here are all the ways you can earn points:
Sign up = 100 Points
Like us on Facebook = 100 Points
Follow us on Twitter = 100 Points
Share on Facebook = 50 Points
Share on Twitter = 50 Points
Get 5 points for Every dollar spent at our store and Reffer a Friend and get $5.00 for you and $5.00 for your friend!
Now that you know how to earn points lets talk about spending those points to cash in on FREE product or shipping:
600 Points = $6 in Free product
1000 Points = $10 in Free product
1500 Points = FREE shipping
2000 Points = $20 in Free Product
Here is a short little video on how it works:

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