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Starting Production on our Purple Swatchbook

What is a swatchbook and what are the benefits? 

Started production on our purple swatchook!

Swatchbooks are samples of cardstock with the cardstock name written on the swatch in order to help you see the true color of the cardstock and feel the texture for your self. As wonderful as online shopping can be lets face it colors on our monitors do not always show the true color of the cardstock.

We are creating a swatchbook for each color family and will also be offering in the future our Ultimate Swatchbook with every color we sell on our website. 

Here is a picture of our pink cardstock swatchbook that is available now

With a cardstock swatchbook you will be able to work on your projects find the color you need and order online with us to get a perfect match for your paper craft. 

Lets talk about how it works when we add or discontinue cardstock colors. First Piecing Paradise does not discontinue cardstock colors, we order that color until the manufacture discontinues that particular color of cardstock. So once we have a color we will carry it for as long as possible. When we no longer carry that color we will list that color on our website as a swatch you should remove from your swatchbook keeping it updated. 

Adding cardstock colors to your swatch book. Once a year we will put out a swatchbook update that you will be able to purchase to add to any existing swatchbooks you have. We will also list this in the swatchbook section of our website to keep you updated on new colors that will be included in that update. 


 Brands included in our swatchbooks. We carry the following brands in our swatchbook currently: 

American Crafts

Bazzill Basics

Paper Accents


World Win

My Colors

Prisms and World Win cardstock colors are being phased out but we still have some in stock of these colors and want to still offer for you to see these colors in person. If you have a brand of cardstock you would love to see us carry. Please email me and let me know.



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